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Hope Everywhere

May 4, 2018
By Anonymous

I had no clue what would happen to me. I hoped for the best like we all do, but it all changed.  My dad kicked me out. I didn’t have anywhere to stay. My friends all shunned me. It was my worst nightmare, I only had the clothes on my back. Everything changed. I was put into foster care and ended moving in with an abusive family. The just wanted a kid so they didn’t have to pay as much for taxes. I was barely fed, and I  rarely got any new clothes. Any new clothes I did get were hand me downs or bought from goodwill.

Or that's how I thought it would happen. So for this to make sense I need to establish some background. My parents divorced when I was really young. I live with my dad and twin brother in a small catholic village. I have to older sibling that have their own families. It happened when I was about 15; I was over at my mom’s house and I told her I needed to tell her something. Then I couldn’t do it. She asked if I got a girl pregnant and I kinda laughed. I told her it was actually the exact opposite. I told her I was gay. She said she knew, and I felt so relieved. Then at school ne of my friends had made a joke about me liking guys, and I told her she was right. I had realized there is no shame in being me. I told all of my friends and all but one took it well. The funny part about that one friend is she said it was against her religion. But no one else used that excuse, not even the religious ones. I amazingly got positive feedback from a lot of people. Then it was time to tell my dad. I couldn’t do it, but it turns out my mom already told him. He sat me down and we had a talk. He asked me why I would think he would kick me out, I really didn’t know. I guess I had just heard so many stories of kids getting kicked out of their homes for liking people of the same gender that I was scared it would happen to me. He assured me that he still loved me, but he seemed kind of disappointed. As of right now I am sixteen and we are still working on it , but he is getting better with it. Coming out of the closet was really hard and stressful, but it wasn’t at all bad. I found support where I never thought I would. Not only that, but I feel so much better. I don’t have to hide such a big part of myself. So there was a change in my life. I didn’t lead to me being ignored, or being made fun of. It changed my life for the better,  I have found support everywhere.

The author's comments:

A personal writing about the fears and realities of my coming out.

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