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Losing Control

May 3, 2018
By Alex_3-M BRONZE, Wycoff, New Jersey
Alex_3-M BRONZE, Wycoff, New Jersey
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It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in June of 2013 It was the day of my cousin Steven’s engagement party. I had been dressed in casual clothing, but had other better clothes in a bag. But, my mom had on this exquisite dress. At first, I was confused on why I should have had to do that. I asked her why, and she said that Steven told her. My mom was wearing an elegant dress, and I was just wearing a t shirt and shorts, and had a bag with nice pants and a fancy button down shirt in it. I was confused on why I had to do this, instead of just putting on the nice clothes now, but I did not complain. I was still at my house because it was the morning, but eventually the time came to leave.  It was about 11:30 am when my mom and I left. We were on our way to the party. The party was in this very fancy restaurant on the Hudson River. Once we got there, my mom parked, and we went inside the restaurant. I was wearing a t shirt and shorts, holding a bag that had formal clothes in it, while my mom is wearing this glamorous dress. I feel a little embarrassed and nervous to go inside the restaurant because I was dressed so casual. Me and my mom walked into the restaurant, and it was beautiful. It was so fancy, with marble flooring, huge chandeliers, nice tables, and a bunch of women wearing beautiful dresses. I then saw my aunt Lena, Steven’s mom, my cousin Tina, Steven’s sister, and Liz Steven’s fiancee. I hugged them, and said hello to them, and asked why Steven wanted me to come in a t shirt and shorts. I also noticed that I was the only boy there. Then, Tina told me that Steven was on his way here to pick me up, and take me to his house, where his friends are. And then I realized that the guys are by Steven’s house. Back then, Steven, Lena, Tina, and Liz were still living together. Once Steven got here, he stepped out of the car to greet everyone, then I said hi to him, and hugged him, and then I went into his car, and he drove us back to his house. When we got there, we went to the back, and I see his friends there. Chazz, Dave, John, and Joshua. They are grilling, swimming in the pool, and just having a good time. Now I realized why Steven wanted me to dress casual. We ate hot dogs and burgers, talked, played football, and Steven let me borrow one of his swim shorts so I can swim. We had a great time. But eventually, Steven told us that he hired a van to pick us up, and bring us to the party. So once it was time to go, we all got dressed and ready. The van came and then we boarded it. There were 3 rows of seats for us to sit in. The front, middle, and back seats. Joshua and Dave sat in the back, Chazz and John sat in the middle, and me and Steven sat in the front. At first, I wanted to sit in the back with Joshua and Dave, but Steven told me to sit with him in the front. I was confused why, but then I realized he wanted me to be by him just incase something happens. So, I sat with him in the front. So we are all on our way to the party just chatting, and waiting to get there. We all were dressed nice, and could not wait to get to the party. Steven was wearing a red shirt. So we have been in the van for about 20 minutes, but the restaurant was only 15 minutes away from the house, so we all got confused on why we aren’t there yet. Also, the restaurant is on the hudson, and we were by an area with woods. Plus, Liz was expecting us to be there quickly. Then, Steven realized that we were going the wrong way. The drivers messed up badly. Then he told the drivers because they did not realize. Steven then got angry. He started yelling at the drivers and he could not believe what they did. They caused us to be so late. He basically had a meltdown in the van. The driver stopped the van for a bit to settle things, and then Steven told them the right way to to go. Steven was really upset about what happened, and so the drivers started driving the right way. He said something funny too out of anger. He said “I could have rode my bike, and I would have been there faster.” So eventually, we are almost at the restaurant. As if nothing else could have gone wrong, the seat all the way in the back where Josh and Dave were sitting in, suddenly fell back, and broke. It was loud sudden noise that came out of nowhere. Josh and Dave were literally on their backs on the floor of the van. Then, Steven erupted. He screamed “pull the f-ing van over”. Then the driver pulled the van over, and Steven was so angry. I could see his face turning red like his shirt. Even though this was a bad situation, I remained calm. I learned that anger would not help. In moments like these, everything should be approached calmly. But, anger took over. This only caused an argument between Steven and the driver. They were arguing for a while, and nothing was solved, until they calmed down. I can’t even imagine how much angrier he would have been, if I were to have sat in the back, and the seat fell back with me in it. After we pulled over, Josh and Dave moved to the middle and front seats. They said that their heads hurt a little, but it was nothing major. We were all silent on the way there. We were being completely quiet. We then got to the party, and the rest of the day was good. Me and Steven always reflect back to this day, and we learned that nobody has the right to act that way in certain situations. We learned how to control our anger when dealing with things.

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