Sibling Rivalry

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Sibling rivalry… man i don’t even know where to start, I have an older sister who is 21 now and wow.. have we had our fair share of fights. We love eachother alot but are two totally different types of people, I love being loud, fun, spontaneous, and just living life on the edge, even if that draws a lot of attention my way. Meanwhile she is more shy or what I call boring, she doesn’t like to cause a scene. Which brings me to one of the worst fights we have ever had. When i was younger, my sister and her friends would trick me and say they wanted to put paint on me and make me into a clown. I was all for it but was too young to realize they were doing my makeup trying to turn me into a girl named Nicole. They thought they were so funny. Eventually after a few times of my dad getting mad thinking they were going to turn me gay, I realized they weren’t making me a clown but instead a girl… So the smart little 12 year old I was, decided it was time for payback! I was doing my research, and found out she liked this guy she sat next to on the bus ride home from school. And she gets embarrassed easily so one day I did my own make-up, got into one of her bright red dresses, put on some high heels, and tiptoed my way to the bus stop. Man to see the look on her face when the bus pulled up was absolutely priceless. The guy asked “who is that?...” And yes! She had to reply “that’s my brother.” Let’s just say he wasn’t interested anymore and moved seats. My relationship with her now is good, we don’t get to see eachother much since she goes to college in North Carolina. So when she comes home were mature, and we just enjoy each others company. In 15 years I think we will both be in great places and hopefully talking a lot. We will be there for eachother no matter what comes our way. Love ya sis

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