Dancing Change

April 29, 2018
By mwortmann2 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
mwortmann2 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I started dancing when I was two years old and have been ever since.  I spent most of my dancing time at one studio.  My mom had decided at the start of my eighth grade year that I needed to switch dance studios because of the passing of the original studio owner.  I hated the idea of such a big change and wanted to stop it at all costs.  Leading up to my first class at the new studio, I constantly tried to quit dancing altogether and fake not feeling well to push the change off.  As a thirteen-year-old, I could not cope with such a big change where I would not know anyone.

I entered the new studio on the day of my first class with shaky hands.  Before my first class began, everyone in the class prepared themselves by gathering their shoes and putting last minute things together outside of the class in the dressing room.  I kept to myself and tried to calm down the growing butterflies in my stomach.  When class started, the teacher began by having us sit in a circle on the ground and say our name out loud.  As I awaited my turn, I desperately wanted to be able to escape my ever growing nerves.  After saying our names, I was able to calm down and actually enjoy the class.  I even was able to bond with some of the other girls in the class despite my hesitancy. 

In life, things often change without anyone being able to control them.  When I switched studios, I did not have much say in the change, and it made me uneasy of what was to come.  From this situation, I have thought about how this lack of control and change can bring about amazing things in life.

From this huge change in my life, I was able to gain some of my closest friends.  This experience allowed me to make friendships and memories that I will cherish forever.  My life would be completely different without these girls in it, and I have no idea how I would be where I am without them.  Our culture wants us to control every aspect of our lives, but things can be unpredictable.  I could not control that I had to switch studios.  I was not sure I was ready for such a big change in my life.  After reflecting on this change, I have realized that these changes come when we need them most without us realizing it.  Change is for the best and lacking control in some situations works out better. 

Change is unpredictable and often times uncontrollable.  Even though this can be terrifying and bring about anxiety, it can impact your life in the best ways. When I nervously sat in the circle waiting to say my name, I had no idea that change would bring me some of my best friends.  If you can trust change and its uncertainness, it may become enjoyable to experience what was once scary.  I am thankful for this experience shaking up my world and bringing me something amazing.

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