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Supporting Stereotypes

April 27, 2018
By KristinaKaiser BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
KristinaKaiser BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Many stupid and awkward situations happen to me, so I wanted to tell the stories that have happened in Russia. I know that many people try to break all the bad stereotypes about their country and culture, but I do not think that I will break all those stereotypes in these stories. I probably will do the opposite.

I lived in a small town that was located in the area where the weather is the craziest: summer is really hot, about a hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit; winter is really cold, about negative thirteen- negative twenty two degrees Fahrenheit. And I remember that one time it was negative forty degrees Fahrenheit. I lived far away from the down town, we did not have a car, so we rode a bus. It came only once in an hour, so we had to follow the schedule. During winter, it was absolutely normal to see people staying on the street and using their noses instead their fingers to use the phone.

We did not spend a lot of time outside, but when we did, it was crazy each time. I usually spent time with my best friend who lived about a mile away from my house, so we visited each other a lot. Also between our streets was a long field that during summers was used to plant potatoes and corn, and during winter was covered with snow.

Once my best friend, Anna, and I were on our way from my house to hers through that field. Unexpectedly, I heard a loud noise of a gun. Because I lived close to the military shooting range, I was used to it, but the problem was that we were close to Anna’s house and she lived close to the mental health facility. When we got closer to the source of the loud sound, I saw a man shooting in the walls of gates of the mental health facility. In a second after i saw him, I pulled my friends hood down with the words, “Get down!”. She did not understand me at first, but when she saw that man and we started to crawl towards him to see what was going on. In dangerous situations we always check what is going on, that is why in scary movies, we would be that one person in the beginning that goes to check where the noise comes from and dies first.

That guy was just shooting bottles and cans that were hanging on the wall. In Russia, many people go hunting, so that is normal when people are practicing shooting far away from the city center, but in my case we did not know if that guy was a patient at mental health facility. We started to crawl away from him, and when we reached the road, we ran as fast as we could. I do not know if it is weird or not, but on our way back to my house we laughed so hard and we could not stop.

In conclusion, when we came into the house I noticed that I lost my mittens. So, I was crawling on the snow without mittens and did not even notice the cold. Now, I do not think that that guy was crazy or something, but at that moment I did not know what to think. This story can probably teach you not to copy my friend’s and my actions and just to run: because what if he noticed? Actually, I think he noticed, but thought that we were the crazy ones.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece, when my friend and I were talking and I told her that story. I do not what happened, but I understood that my story supports some stereotypes about Russia, so I thought to share it with everybody.

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