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A Pleasant Surprise

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

My morning began with one big thump as I rolled out of bed onto the hard floor. The mishaps continuously layered as the day went on. I had a big altercation with my mother, which caused me to be late getting to school. As soon as I entered my first class, Mr. Phons handed out the dreaded quiz we all knew we had failed last week. I flipped my test over to see a huge “F” on the front of my paper and quickly ran to the bathroom to start crying. It felt like everyone was staring at me as I ran down the hallway. I knew my parents would be extremely irate when they would look at my horrendous grade.

The rest of the school day was pretty mediocre - boring and exhausting - except for when I was daydreaming about Dominic, my crush. Ugh! I knew he would never like me back. When the last bell finally rang, I sprung up from my desk, hit my hand on the wall, and it started bleeding and pounding. So I had to go to the front office for a hand wrap. Just when I thought my day could not get any worse, I missed my bus and had to walk home.
On my doorstep awaited a sketchy box marked For: Sophie in slightly illegible handwriting. I knew I would have to open it soon, but I decided to wait until tomorrow to open it. For all I knew, it could have been something really dangerous that could injure me, or even terminate my life.

The next day at school, I told my best friend Amelie about the weird box dilemma. She admonished me not to open it since she had heard about those horrifying stories about bombs being left in boxes. That made me even more worried about opening the mysterious box.

When I got home, my curiosity just could not contain itself. I had to open that box!  Shockingly, the box contained a love letter from my “secret admirer, Dominic.” I began to dance around my driveway. I was so relieved because during that whole time I was worrying about the box, it was actually a really good surprise! 

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