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April 27, 2018
By Anonymous

We make thousands of decisions every day, some consciously, some unconsciously.  Many of these are part of a daily routine.  Decisions like what to get at lunch, which shirt to wear or what show to watch on tv aren’t going to change the way your whole life turns out.  These are unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  Then there are the decisions you have already made, the ones that created who you are today.  These may have been figuring out which sport or instrument to play, what subjects you like in school, and what hobbies you like to do in your free time.  Putting those aside, we move on towards the big decisions that you may have been debating for any range of time.  The ones you just can’t seem to not think about at any mention of something similar to it.  You consider and consider and consider, but you can’t come to a conclusion without second guessing it.  This has been bothering me since it came into view last spring.  What I would be doing in the fall season all through high school?  I had been a debating this since I learned about all of the new possibilities that arrived with high school.  I’ve tried practically everything to come to a consensus.  Daily, I am haunted by my parents asking,  “what’s your plan for this fall?”.  I hear friends in my head from each side of the argument trying to pull me one direction or the other everytime I ponder a decision.  I will have a week where I think I have my mind made up, and then I will regret the decision just to go back to square one.  People tell me to follow my first instinct, but that isn’t helpful when your first instinct is to try to find a way to fit in both sides of the argument.  Many people suggest that I use the positives and negatives of each side to make the final decision.  What happens if the positives and negatives are even?  Do I have to flip a coin?

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