In an Instant

April 21, 2018
By EmilyCahill SILVER, New City , New York
EmilyCahill SILVER, New City , New York
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Laying on the hospital bed holding my limp arm, waiting for the doctor. Praying my elbow was not shattered, I was only concerned with my now jeopardized season ahead. It was late and all I wanted was to go home, growing more and more impatient with each second, I was annoyed and in pain. Then in an instant, alarms beeping, doctors running, all just across the curtain. A woman screams, sirens blare, then silence, the doctors leave without emotion. Minutes later a woman emerges from the room in tears mumbling, “he’s gone, he’s really gone.” In an instant all my problems seemed insignificant, lives had been changed forever, inches from my face, and I was laying there helpless, holding my limp arm.

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