My Hero

April 19, 2018
By Anonymous

I am sure that you have heard of  heros before like spiderman, superman, and batman; but the hero I am writing about does not have superpowers. My hero does not drive the batmobile, but drives a regular car. She does not shoot spider webs, but rather cleans them up. She does not fly, not even on a plane. Also, she does not wear a cape, she wears a nightgown. This probably does not sound like much of a hero, but she is to me. Interestingly enough my grandmother is my hero because of her independence despite age, being a mother figure to me, and being a single mother to my father.


A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, that is the definition of a hero; and it fits my grandmother perfectly. She shows her heroism through her independence, being a mother figure to me, and being a single mom. The first thing that makes her my hero is her independence despite her age. My grandmother is 84, and still doing things that my mother does. She still works, drives, hang outs with friend, and even lives by herself. These things show she is independent because most people her age do not do these things. Next, being a mother figure to me is another reason why she is my hero. When my parents got divorced my dad and I moved in with my grandmother. So, when I was at my dad’s house she was a mother figure because she did everything for me a mom would do. She brought me to school every day, she drove me to my friends house, and comforted me when I had a bad day. Lastly, her being a single mom to my dad also makes her my hero. When my dad was 12 his dad died, which made my grandma a single mother. That not only makes her a hero, but it gives me great respect for her. I know my sister and I are handfuls, so I could not imagine my dad raising us without the help of my mom.  For this reason she is not the typical superhero you see on tv, but my modern day hero.


Although my grandmother may not be the most televised or flashy hero, she is still an amazing one. She has done so much for me and I can never repay her. Also, I hope to be like her when I grow older.  She may not be as strong as Thor, but her heart is as big as The Hulk. She may not be a cute guy or girl dressed in tights and a cape flying around, but she is a truly amazing  hero. In conclusion, my grandmother is a hero to me because of her independence despite her age, being a mother figure to me, and being a single mom.

The author's comments:

This essay tells an annount of my hero, my grandmother. 

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