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What Is So Special About Me?

April 21, 2018
By vishwa BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
vishwa BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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It is said that every child on this earth is unique.We have different fingerprints because we have different talents.But ,such lines  look good on pages.What about the real life?If there is something unique in me,than why I am compared ?I am not complaining about the world,it will always give it’s judgement though needed or not.It’s about me.In this world with 204 countries,billions of people,miles of ocean somewhere something will be, just made for me’Only me’.In the entire planet with billions of people I would have something that know body has,There would be some work which is of my work..If yes,than what is it?When  will I get it?where will I get it?and the most important question -will I ever get it?Forget about me.What about you?Even you will have something that is waiting to shine out .A small spark ,somewhere hidden deep in all those ashes.So don’t underestimate yourself by comparing with others,It is our differences which make us unique.A unicorn cannot be a lion and a lion cannot be unicorn.But both of them are unique in their own way.So don’t worry.It is your imperfections that make you perfect,it is your flaws that make you beautiful ,similarly it is your uniqueness that make you different.Just keep looking forward with a hope that someday you will find something that matches your heart beat ,your weirdness and your meaning to live.JUST REMEMBER, YOU WERE MEANT TO BE YOU,YOU WERE MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE ONLY ONE,.Always remember uniqueness is always one and that is why there is only one Kohinoor,only one Taj mahal,only one Eiffel tower and only one you.If you are unique the world will surely won’t able to handle it,they would surely create problems,but than to- you have to win, in such a way that it will never forget.And next time if someone fails to notice your uniqueness,don’t worry!-THE SUN IS REMARKABLE EVERY MORNING ,BUT STILL MOST OF THE AUDIENCE IS ASLEEP AND THAT NEVER STOPS IT FROM SHINNING - IN IT’S OWN WAY…

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As teenagers,we all might be doubtful that what is so special about us?Even I have such doubts.Hence,I want to share this with all other teens .As common guys!we all feel this at some point..

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