Beauty of Qatar

April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Life can be unexpected. A country where I now feel most comfortable in, and where I call "home" is a small country, that I did not know existed for 12 years in my life, and it is called "Qatar." Now, the name of the country may sound familiar to most people due to various topics such as World cup or because Doha, the capital city, is the richest cities in the world. Living in the Middle East, I often get asked similar questions about safety, deserts, camels or about how rich people are. The repetitiveness of these questions have shocked me and lead me to my attempts of trying to reveal the real beauty of Qatar. Although, I will not be speaking on behalf of the local Qatari's perspective. In reality, there is quite a difference between Qatari lifestyle and expats, and as an individual who is not a local, yet feel most comfortable in Qatar, I will be exposing the interesting sides of Qatar.

To answer the most frequently asked question "Is it safe?", Yes, it is. People may imagine a dangerous environment when they hear "Middle East" because of the media; however, Qatar is very safe with strict laws, and there is pretty much nothing to worry about except heat stroke. Another most frequently asked question is "Oh so do you live in the desert? Do you see camels?" no, I do not live in the desert, in fact, I live in a regular villa in a compound where there's a pool, indoor gym, tennis courts and in my house, there are essential housing features like bathrooms and ACs. Now that I have established the fact that I have a regular lifestyle, I will get into depth. Qatar is a wealthy country, and it is true when I say I have seen people with six phones, or I see famous sports cars on a daily basis. However, that does not mean every single person in Qatar is loaded with money. Many expats, including myself, live in regular villas or apartments; they are all very westernized and nice, but not everyone lives in a golden mansion. With that being said, not everyone rides sports cars, and people ride regular cars by mainstream car companies like Nissan. Yet, that does not mean that expats can not enjoy Qatar as much as the locals. There are beautiful deserts where people can try riding on camels or try dune buggies. There are amazing food options, and my favorite is the souq; an old Arab marketplace that is filled with everything you could imagine; from traditional Arab restaurants to small spice markets. Lastly, this may have either surprised or disappointed many people, although it is the truth. There are many English speaking schools, and anywhere in Qatar, people are able to speak English. There are lots and lots of things I could continue with, but I think that it is the best to save it so more people can visit and find out by themselves.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this based off of my personal experience of living 7 years in the Middle East. Sadly, I will be leaving Qatar in few months to go to University, and I wanted to express my love towards the beautiful country that is my "home" away from home.

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