Cars and the Beach

April 11, 2018

I went to see Cars 3 in theatres over the summer. Disney movies are famous for having hidden adult humor. It had been a while since I watched a Disney movie in theatres so I was excited. While watching the movie, I understood most of the humor and car related references from past Cars movies like Sally calling Lightning McQueen “Stickers”.
Though there was one joke that took me a while to understand. McQueen is training on a track at the beach with his trainer Cruz. Cruz says to McQueen “You’re old! What if you fall on this beach and can’t get up?” McQueen responds, “Well life’s a beach and then you drive”. Then his friends Guido and Luigi proceed to chuckle.
                           I was thinking
           What do they mean by the beach?
       What do people generally do at the beach that is funny?
                 I have heard this reference before!
                        Where exactly though?
                    What rhymes with the beach?
                          Maybe a swear word?”
                              Then it clicks

I laugh remembering the word that rhymes with beach, I join the chorus of adults in the theatre laughing.

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