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April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

The young believe in fate, and sometimes the old, but what happens when you die without fulfilling your soul? This is why I believe in wasted souls.

Everyone has a dream. Even if that dream diverges from their fate set out to be. Yet half the time we ignore the signs in front of us, and when we finally realize our purpose it's too late; with our body decaying and souls flying to their next life. Some completed their purpose in this life, others however, continue to rot just like their corpse. What happens when we die is based on the deeds we have committed while living on planet Earth, and if you chose to sit there incompetent, well that pretty much says where you're going.

I came to this belief during highschool when it was time I had to decide what I wanted to do with my future. All of my friends had it all figured out, their plans, their schools, their careers, everything. The only thing I had was what I wanted to be, and if I was ready or not to leave home. Then, I started to think of all the unfilled dreams in the world, all of the wasted potential and energy spent on something else that had no value, and where those people were now; in the ground. That is not who I want to be and who I don't wish my worst enemy to become; another wasted soul on this short time on Earth, who had so much more to offer.

The classic fairy tale of the princess getting her prince, having a true love's kiss, and life being a bliss is every little girl who loves to watch Disney's dream; until they find out what life is really like and all they want to do is flee. Life is short, and fate often likes to takes a toll when we least expect it. So keep an eye out, or you will surely miss it. This is why I believe in wasted souls.

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life drifiting away from us

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