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Super Mom

April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

My mom is my best friend.  She was born on May 18.  There were six kids in her family including her, so I have a huge family.  I have many cousins, aunt uncles, second cousins, etc.  Sshe is CPA, which stands for  a Certified Public Accountant.  My mom is really smart, she loves to read, and she is so kind.  The most important thing to my mom is her family.  She will do anything for her family.  I consider my my mom my hero because of her generosity, loyalty, and wisdom. 

The first trait my mom has that makes her my hero is her generosity.  My mom is always so sweet and caring when it comes to my brother and I.  She always puts our needs before hers.  She gives up any of her free time that she might have to help us with homework, to come to our school events, and to take care of us.  For example, this is my brother’s first year at his new school, so my mom is helping him get used to the new school, homework, tests, and quizzes.  She wants my brother to be independent with his schoolwork, but she will not let him struggle during the beginning of the school year.  Another example is that my mom always makes it to all of my dance team events, academic events, etc.  My mom comes to my show of dances every year, she helps out with all of our competitions, and she comes to every school related event.  She has attended all of my pin masses, National Honors Society Inductions, and much more.  My mom is always there for my brother and I, and she will give up the world to be able to do things for us.

The second trait my mom has that makes her my hero is loyalty.  My mom always stands up for me, and she takes care of me.  I know I can always depend on her.  I can always trust my mom with any secret.  I tell my mom everything from what happens at school to what I get on my tests and quizzes.  I can trust that she will keep my secrets.  Another way my mom is loyal is when she promises something to my brother and I.  She does not ever break a promise, so when she says she will be at my brother’s football game, she is there.  Loyalty is another one of the many reasons why my mom is considered my hero.

One last trait that makes my mom my hero is her wisdom.  My mom is so smart academically and socially.  She always knows what to say and how to say it.  If I am having a problem talking to a friend, she knows what to say to not hurt that person’s feelings.  She is so wise, and I can learn so much from her.  Another way my mom is wise is that she always thinks ahead and knows how plan for things.  So many times when she plans for something, I always respond with, “I would have never thought of that.”  My mom’s wisdom is one of the reasons why she is my hero.

Generosity, loyalty, and wisdom are three traits my mom has that makes her my hero.  She is generous because she gives up her free time to do things for my brother and I.  My mom has always helped me and my brother with our school work.  She also makes time for me by coming to all my dance events and academic events.  My mom is very loyal because she always keeps my secrets.  If I tell her something confidential, I know she will not tell anyone.  Also, if she promises my brother or I something, I know she will not break that promise.  My mom is very wise because she always knows what to say.  If I need help wording something to a friend, I know I can count on her to help.  My mom always plans ahead with things and can figure out what problems may come from something.  The reason my mom is my hero is because she has made a huge impact on my life, and I can learn from everything that she has done for me.

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