Just Wait...

April 11, 2018

I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of life... i think the meaning is living life. Yesterday I saw a big UPS man hugging a small old lady. It wasn’t just a hug it was a touch it was a beautiful moment in time. I've never seen anything like it before.


Today I’m sitting at the park, and I see a large around 50 year old Indian man swinging back and forth extremely high on the swing. He’s all by himself. And he’s enjoying life. Not only enjoying but living.if I know one thing, it's that there is good and bad in every group, even in the worst groups of people or best. There’s good cops bad cops, good drivers bad rivers, good people and bad people I am not sure if Im living life yet. I know i will soon. My favorite thing to see is proud parents. Proud parents of a disabled child or mentally challenged kid. I see them very once in a while there mom or dad is so happy to have them as there company. That is true love. These parents are letting there children to live life.


I see hardworking men eat there lunch at the park bench in the shade. They have any place to go they choose here, in the shade eating there home brought food. This hardworking man is a garbage man, he picks up our trash for us. he seems very happy. As if he is living the life he got. You can’t live the life you want, you have to work for the life you want. Day after day you work harder and harder to get that thing or that job or that car. You must work for the good in life. If you get it for free, lucky you! But trust me your hard times will come one day. You might loose everything. Sometimes you loose nothing. Cause you payed your sins with kindness. Cause you worked for it. Cause you earned it. I already lost a lot, but I lost it in my childhood. I’d rather have my bad thing happen in childhood than in adulthood. Everybody has a “thing.” Just wait.

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Thanks to that UPS man.

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