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I Am So Tired of Feeling Like a Failure!

April 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Do you ever disappoint anyone in your life or ever feel like you are a failure?

Does the feeling of failure make you feel like you are worthless? Or feeling like everything you do ends up being the opposite of trying to make anyone happy. The days you feel good are the days that turn into bad with one negative word coming out of someone’s mouth. Just hearing, “ Why do you do this? Why are you such a disappointment?” End up, turning your good days into your own personal misery. We pity ourselves because we can not make people proud of us on their own because we can never live up to the expectations of what they want us to be. We can never be the PERFECT everyone wants out of us because it does not exist. I feel like such a failure to my family. I try to live up to the expectation of being perfect but when I don’t they make me feel like I am worthless, like I am never good enough for them. I always wonder to myself, “ why am I not good enough?” We have only one step and that is either to fall or to get back up again. I have a  question for the people who read this article. What tears do you hold back? What pain? What fears are kept inside? The fears you have inside won’t do you any good if you do not live up to the fear that holds you back from all the accomplishment that life has to offer for you . My fear is that I am scared to be alone but I am scared to disappoint my parents even though everyday I keep doing the same mistake every single time. There are some things in life that we can’t control and that we can’t change but we have to live with. The choice that we have though is to either give up or keep on going. I wanna ask you, What are you gonna believe? Are you gonna believe in yourself? Are you gonna believe everybody’s else's judgement on you? Are you going to believe people when they say you are failure? When somebody puts you down, don’t let them make you feel like you don’t belong or that you disappoint because really you are neither of these things. You are strong within, always remember that. You never have to do this alone, hold onto that person that will keep you up and never let you fall. People never realize the words you say can really break us in the inside. Those words can make us do the unexpected.


My mom always expects high of me. Never puts her love before her expectations of her own child. I never get to make the decisions. The teachers that I have never think that I know best. They think whatever they do is the right decision but is it really the right decision?  I push people away because when I put my trust in them to let me make my own decisions they never let me do them and they ask me why I always do everything wrong. Why I can never do the most simplest things? Everytime I hear the word disappointment, I feel like every piece of me just breaks away. I don’t mean to disappoint or to be a failure to my family or anyone else, they just never understand the hardships that I do every day to try and do what they want of me. It is hard to please everyone, when you can’t even please yourself. If I showed this to my parents, they would probably think this is stupid but that is because they don’t understand. I hate feeling like I am a failure or a disappointment, I feel like I do not deserve ever to feel this way and you shouldn’t either. You should do what you think is best not what others think because even if they are disappointed in you . That shouldn’t matter because only the way you think of yourself is what matters not the other way around. Remember, don’t ever choose to feel like failure, make yourself feel like a winner in the inside.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I write to give people who don't have a voice to speak about the dark things in life and that's why i'm here. I want you to understsnd thatyou're never alone, no matter the circumstance. 

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