Pieces of My Emotions

April 10, 2018
By Anon11 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Anon11 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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On the battlefield with a proximity of 64 squares and 18 soldiers on each side fighting against one another, the intensity of the battles picks up, the smell of death fills the air, and people are striking one another with every chance they have. As I witness the fog of death, the rotten smell arises from the piling of lifeless corpses. The unbearable sight of crimson covers the ground. This is the battle of my sin, my hope, my love, and my strength. My enemy is nobody but myself.

I am the king. I control my battles. The enemies shall fall and kneel below me. I do not move more than 5 steps from my original spot. I restrict myself to this kingdom. I live for the sake of war. I will defeat my opponents. If I win, nothing else matters.

My pawns are the small men; they do the tedious work to support my future. My pawns are my willpower; they push me through the hard times and inspire me to keep going. My pawns are my workmen; they are the ones who get things done and will not mind sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. My pawns can promote even if they sometimes fail, but they will still manage to surpass barriers and improve into better pieces.

My rooks help me look toward the future while I am in the present. They may be towers, but they do not stand still. They are my visions to see far into the game. They guide my path and set up my tactics as they guard both sides of the castle. They are the ones who do not just see the future; they work for the future.

My knights are always there to protect me. They are strong and strategic. They know what the opponents want and what the opponents are aiming for. My knights are my shield; they protect me from the unwanted attacks. They sacrifice themselves for the sake of my safety. As they move in a shape of an ‘L’, their enemies are alway surprised by their unexpected attacks.

My bishops are the ones that control my faith. When I am down, they do not let me go. They push me through and tell me to keep moving forward. My bishops gather my thoughts and assist me through the mists of the unknown. They light up my way, giving me hope in times of struggle.

My queen is someone who stands by my side. My queen supports my decisions. She rules my world from all angles and protects me until the end of the game. My queen encourages me throughout the hardship of the battle as she is willing to sacrifice herself for my well-being. She shows me the catastrophe that I may encounter if I lose her. She is my gift.


After all, this is my battle, and I am the king. I let my pieces carry out my wishes. I control my territories; nothing will go wrong because I am the king…

This is what I have always thought myself to be. However, am I more than just this? I continuously ask myself:

Am I the king? No, the king is my egotistical self.
Am I the queen? No, the queen is my support system.
Am I the bishop? No, the bishop is my faith.
Am I the knight? No, the knight is my sense of security
Am I the rook? No, the rook is my vision for the future
But most importantly…
I am the pawn. Yes, the pawn is me.

I start my games, and I end my games. I do whatever it takes to charge ahead and gain powers. I will end these ruthless battles; I will do anything to not let the sacrifice of my pieces be in vain.

Yes, I am the pawn. I will not let my fears, my errors, or my egotistical self get the best of me. I will survive my battles.

The author's comments:

I used to play chess. I see the representation of the chess pieces, and the way I interact with people and how every piece displays certain emotions that I don't usually share with others. So I wrote this.

I say, that people don't need to be well known or in a big position like king or queen or knights. Even if they are as small as a pawn, they can still accomplish big things. They can still be successful.

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