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April 5, 2018
By RobertMartin02 BRONZE, Crosby, Texas
RobertMartin02 BRONZE, Crosby, Texas
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Have you ever felt being used? I have. It doesn’t feel good at all.  People around you pretending to be your friend. Fake, untrustworthy, their selfish motive of taking advantage of you for their own personal gain at your own expense.


Having a friend can be a good thing at times, they help you, support you, solve problems with you, and they are there for you at all times-the ideal, wanted friendship. Your looks mean nothing, but your personality is everything. Your true friends believe that A comes before B in the alphabet because attitude comes before beauty. I have learned that laughter, memories, and comfort you share with them is a lifetime worth reminiscing.


Eighth-grade year was my best year with a plot twist in the end. Sometimes you have to just leave the fake people, those that pull you down with their crab mentality, you have to set yourself free from the cage they have built for you. They will use you like a pencil, they use you, break you, and throw you away when you’re of no use anymore-when staying with you is pointless; just like a romantic relationship where the guy uses the girl and leaves an ineradicable scar that will forever be embedded in her being. They are the problem, not yourself, thou shall never change for such. Be you. A person once quoted, “A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you to become who you should be”.


Eventually, you will find a friend that accepts you for who you are and will always be by your side even when tides come crashing down. Trust them. And never let them benefit from you for their own greedy reasons.

The author's comments:

This piece is all about my relationship with my friend. That he doesn't realize how I feel every day.

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