Letting Go

April 3, 2018
By Anonymous

The mud beneath my squelched as I picked up my pace. The wind whispered as it blew a bitter breeze, turning my cheeks red. My hands slipped into my deep pockets, in an attempt to stay warm. One foot in front of an other, I tried keeping herself from falling. A twig had wrapped itself around my little black converse and I soon found my face buried in the cold, soft soil; my arms too slow to break my fall. I stood; wiping all the dirt possible from me, once clean, clothing. The dry dirt stuck to the wet tears that had slipped out. The inky sky looked beautiful. The large trees swayed, leaves falling in a composed, relaxing way; the tombstones stood tall and distinct; angels and gremlin statues. I was conscious of every breath escaping hermouth, a white fog appearing ahead as each one released into the open. I could just imagine each spirit emerging from their graves; some young, some old. A dominant dog howled in the distance and I jumped in fright. The decorated gravestone that I was searching for came into view and I bounded over to it, collapsing to my knees and placing the one red rose down beside me. Tears instantaneously started pouring down my face. I sat up just enough to wrap my arms around the stone and held it tight; "I miss you," I sobbed. It was like yesterday when I found out the worst news that’s changed my life.
While waiting her arms gripped the chair and everyone in the room was silent. Her mum made jokes, trying to tear the tension. Tears had already began to flood everyone's eyes. The impact was done as soon as that doctor said those words. My smile faded slowly, as did hers; but everyone in the room was faking their strength, to keep her uplifted. Her hair was thin, and face pale. My hair was bright yellow. Her father tried to take photos, but cursed every time his phone crashed. A sob came from her cousin in the corner, then her sister. The shaver road and everyone stared. Words couldn't form in anyone's mouths. Her mum made an odd not-so-funny-joke that failed to lighten the mood. She began to cry, and right then the whole room broke down. Her parents tried to be strong for their children and the siblings and friends tried to be strong for the person they loved most. My head shook from side to side, she shook, her sister walked out; all while the hair fell to the floor. Who thought their 15 year old best friend for over 6 years would ever have to experience such pain. No one deserves it. She was healthy, she was always healthy enough - but cancer attacks the strongest - it kills their strength, but it never killed her strength, and we all know it won't. We all hope it won't... But it did..

The author's comments:

I recently lost a good friend of mine. Her death took a toll over my life. I've wrote several poems about her and it helped me release my emotions. Writing helps me get through tough times so thats why I love writing.

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