March 29, 2018

My disease is deadly. It runs through my body like snake venom, taking over every cell in me, my actions, and my mind. Nobody knows about this disease. It follows me like an unwanted dog, constantly biting my ankles. I don’t go anywhere without it. This disease is the reason I cannot be happy, in fact, this disease swallows my happiness whole like a refreshing glass of water and doesn’t think twice about it. This disease sucks the life out of me, every night, everyday, always. I don’t sleep because I’m afraid of dreaming of this disease and letting it control my mind once more. This disease drags me away from anything that makes me happy. This disease will be the death of me, but I love it. Everyone hates it but I have these feelings for this disease that I’ve only felt with it. This disease says it’s protecting me even though it eats away at me, and I listen to it. This disease tells me it loves me then uses me to its own advantage, but I let it. This disease controls my every thought and action. This disease takes my personality and cripples me until I don't even recognize myself. This disease pushes everyone I love away, letting itself in closer. This disease is not a mental disorder nor a medical condition, this disease has a name. This disease walks on it’s own two legs and lives it’s own life. This disease texts different girls everyday, luring them into it’s trap, infecting them just like me. This disease never thinks twice about it’s actions and is young and reckless and never apologizes.This disease is not a disease at all, it’s a person just like you and me.

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