Freshman Year

March 28, 2018

Dear teens,

I’m the girl everyone loved 1st semester of freshman year. I had a lot of friends my life was great. I go to a mid size catholic high school around 800 kids. So one night at a football game I pointed out to the guy I was (then talking to) that this girl was wearing something to bush up her butt. I knew this girl decently I played her in basketball in middle school and we hung out in a group once and we had a few classes. Monday I go back to school and everyone was coming up to me saying ayyyeeee I heard about the butt pads is it true? So instead of a rumor going around about a girl wearing butt pads it was a rumor that I said this girl wore butt pads. And I felt like a dumbass. Fast forward a couple weeks later. A lot of people started dropping me I don’t know why. My life started to suck. More rumors about me making rumors started. I started drinking and vaping. I thought maybe I’d fit in. Maybe I could escape. Now it’s march. I’m sitting here no friends. No juul. No alcohol. No outlet. So remember next time if you don’t have anything nice to say... you know the rest. xoxo. The girl that starts rumors

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