The Mask I Wear

March 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Who am I and what am I willing to show? I am uncertain of the answers to that question, for it is open ended. I am too many things to confine to a page, but I will describe my most pronounced characteristics. I will speak of what I admire most and show off to the world and what I hide away from the world. I wear the mask.

On the outside, I am beautiful and biracial. I am sarcastic and quick witted. But, I am also divided. I am divided in my race and attitude. I am unsure of myself so I wear anger and tough skin. Oh did you think I would let you in?

The mask for me is a shield from the world. I can make you believe that I trust, commit, or have a peace of mind...but in reality I’m still trying to learn how. I am heartbroken which aids in my inability to invest invest in others. However, I do invest in myself and my growth as a woman. I am a forever growing flower because there is still more for me to learn.

On the inside, I am just a big heart with painful scars. I love hard and deeply which is my downfall. I give more than I get. I am left broken with no help to put myself together. A big heart is a blessing and a curse. Inside I can not hide behind smiles and laughs. The truth is undeniable. Yet, I am slowly healing myself.

I wear the mask and allow you to wonder about who I truly am. I rather remain a mystery and leave you with questions.

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