Journey to Higher Education

March 30, 2018
By GevaTap BRONZE, Lithia Springs, Georgia
GevaTap BRONZE, Lithia Springs, Georgia
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 At an early age I lost my mother due to brain cancer.  My mother was my biggest supporter and role model. This was one of the biggest challenges I have faced. Throughout my childhood, I was raised by my grandfather who only spoke Cambodian. As a single parent, my father was financially unstable and was very stressed to make ends meet. Seeing the struggles my father had to face and the death of my mother motivated me to strive for success at school and reach my goals of becoming a doctor.

While attending elementary school, I encountered many setbacks throughout my education. It was very difficult for me to learn how to read, write, and speak English. This caused me to fall behind because I could not learn at the same pace as my peers. I was bullied by my peers and it caused me to doubt my intelligence. These struggles I had to face motivated me to study harder and dedicate more time into my education. I decided to challenge myself in school as I took gifted classes and was placed in PC (program challenge). This developed self-confidence within myself as I excelled in my classes and over my peers  proving that I was remarkably intelligent and driven.

Transitioning into high school, I continued to challenge myself by joining the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program which was divided into two pathways: biomedical and engineering. The biomedical pathway of STEM provided me with rigorous AP and Honor courses that will prepare me for my goals of becoming a doctor. I am now a senior and I am becoming one step closer to reaching my goals and making my father, family, and most importantly, my mother proud.

During the Fall Semester of 2018, I will be a first generation student who will attend a four year college to attain my doctorates degree. I’ve encountered many hardships throughout my life but I am proud of myself for being able to overcome them. This has been a long and tough journey but it taught me that many things are possible if you put your mind into it.  I am anxious for what my future has to offer me and I am ready to encounter every obstacle in order to reach my goals.



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