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Broken Bones

March 26, 2018
By CristianL BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
CristianL BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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It was a typical morning, with a typical day of school, I was there eating sleepily in my house and thinking of what was going to be happening in school, I was thinking how bored the day was going to be. I felt as if it was a good day to stay in my bed sleeping instead of going to school, but really, I didn’t have another choice so I just kept going.

It was the last week of May, and it was a windy day, I was in 7th grade or twelve years old and I was getting ready to go to school, then we left, my mom dropped me and my brother off at school very early. My brother had to go to UIL competition that day which was fun, because he was going to skip all the classes and I was going to stay there getting bored. The first 3 classes passed, and they were fun, actually, and I was surprised but still I prefer to be at my house. Then I had to go to my PE class and there was a substitute teacher and I happy that there was a substitute teacher. Then we went to the field of the middle school and the substitute let us played anything, so I play soccer with my friend but the grass was wet, but we still kept playing. Then, someone threw the soccer ball to the other side of the field, so me and two other persons went to get the ball, but of course as enemies, so I wanted to get the ball first obviously, so I ran as fast as I could and indeed I did won, but when I was getting the ball, I slipped and without noticing I was on the floor.

So when I slipped, everything went black for a second. Then I just got up and felt normally, then I saw that my hand was weird looking and I confused about what happened said, did I break my hand? Everyone just shocked see me, then eventually I realized that I did broke my hand, so I hold it against my chest and with my other arm, and they take to the nurse, but the fact that I broke my hand did not noticed because it did not hurt at all unless I moved the hand. So then they called my mom and she came for me and took me to the hospital. Where they asked me, how I broke it and took my blood pressure, I don’t know for what they took my blood pressure, but I was just there, then they take me to a room, where a doctor would see me. They gave me two pain pills and then came the worst thing, they were going to put me anesthesia with a needle and I don’t like needles, so they put it and moved the needle through my hand and it did hurt a lot and then it just came the doctor and told me, we were going to play tug of war and the only thing I did was laugh, he then told me if my arm hurt when he moved it, I told him that no,  he then proceeded to pulled my arm and then put it back where it belong. So at last they put a cast on and my mom and dad were told that I broke my bone in two different parts, then for the rest of my summer I was in a cast, but at least I could still play on my PlayStation 3.

Then when I came to playing soccer again, but at first, I was scared when the grass was wet, because I thought I would fall again and break my hand again, because that will meant that I would have to go to the hospital again and they would have to put me on anesthesia and I know  that not all of them are put with a needle, but if they putted me anesthesia through a needle, I would get even more scared of breaking my hand, so it’s good that I haven’t broke my hand again. Then since then I keep playing soccer and live normally and saw that breaking a hand is good but also bad. It was good, because I broke my dominant hand, so I couldn’t write, so my brother did my homework and someone in my class take the notes for me, but it was also bad because I couldn’t played to my PlayStation for about 3 weeks.

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