Patriotic and Unpatriotic

March 26, 2018
By IsabelleMarieMartin BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
IsabelleMarieMartin BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
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When I was in 7th grade, we would always stand respectfully, put our hands over our hearts, and say the pledge in unison. One day, one of the kids in our class( who had the reputation of being a class clown) started saying the pledge in a very unpatriotic and obnoxious type of tone. When He did that, I narrowed my eyes and glared at him  to show him that he was being very disrespectful, and that what he was doing was very unattractive in my eyes.The next day, we stood for the pledge as always, and the same boy, but now accompanied by a second boy started disgracing our beloved flag again by sticking their tongues out at it, and at that point, I was so angry that after the pledge I told my teacher, but she never dealt with it. Finally by the third day,  we were doing the pledge again, and the two boys didn’t put their hand over their hearts. I was so infuriated by this predicament that I asked my principal if I could make a school presentation about how important and patriotic it was to stand proudly and respectfully at our beloved flag, and she agreed. On Friday, I took a stand at the podium, and I explained how important that the flag was, what it symbolizes, and who sacrificed their lives for us so that we could live and thrive in and independent, equal, and safe country. At the end of my speech, I earned America the biggest applause that I’ve ever witnessed, and to that day, the boys in our class never disrespected our flag or country ever again. My fury, passion, and ambition changed many people’s point of view about our gracious and beloved U.S. flag that so many civilians died with for us. I am proud to be born and raised in such a beautiful country!

The author's comments:

I hope that when people read about my personal Experience, I hope that they will share my love and pride for our ever so  glorious flag and country.

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