House Party

March 25, 2018
By Anonymous

The closing of the garage sent a familiar sound which prompted us to scurry into our parent’s bedroom. With the volume from the TV blaring and every light turned on, my brother and I owned the house for the rest of the night. He stole a bag of chips from the pantry and I attempted to coerce the dog into the bedroom. We were careful not to get Cheeto stains on the bed but everything that fell on the floor was fair game to the dog. Broken promises sent a chilling scene as I imagined mom’s voice ringing from ear to ear while dad cared more about who ate all the Cheetos.

After the TV had exhausted its entertainment it only got wilder from there. The bed provided a perfect arena for where our wrestling match was to start.

Jumping up and down the mattress I hurled myself at my brother making sure he would submit to my superiority. He proved to be a valiant foe but I was smarter. The pillows acted as a sturdy weapon so I quickly whack him in the face. Then, he ended up hitting me hard enough to knock a tooth cap out. The sudden turn of events forced us to go straight to bed. It was fun while it lasted.

Only when a familiar sound returns would the parents come back to find what had seem to be a normal night of lounging.

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