February 20, 2018
By Anonymous

One day I was in my room with my sister playing 2k.  When my aunt tonya told my mom her son Ezavion has been shot, my mom started to cry then my sister came up stairs and told me. I broke down and cried.  Mom was on the phone with my aunt as she was going to the hospital, but on his way in the hospital he died.

Then the next day me and my sisters and my family found out that he had died. The sad thing about it is that his own brother shot him and i think his brother shot him because he was jealous of ezavion life. Ezavion was a 4 star guard for paul laurence dunbar and he had scholarships and scholls looking at him. But now that is another african-american with a bright future shot down.

"He was a well-loved child," said Tonya, Ezavion's mother. "He touched everyone's heart." His family described him as athletic, intelligent and quick-witted; he mentored his 5-year-old brother (jaarius) and helped his older sister(Tiana lindsey) with her homework. Marty Mills from tates creek high school said "He was a very nice kid. Very energetic, always happy, had lots of friends," Mills said. "He was one of those kids who always had a smile on his face."

The author's comments:

This was a big impact in my life.

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