March 22, 2018
By Anonymous

The crack of the bat hitting the ball rings in my ears as I watch the ball soar through the air. I drop the bat and dart down the base line to 1st base. I was always told by my coaches “Don’t watch the ball, just run!” but every instinct in me told me to watch the ball, just to see how far it was and if I had a chance to make it to the next base. Making a double as it is called in softball is tough, but doable. You need to time it perfectly so you do not risk chance of being caught by the opposing team’s player and get tagged out. The ball hits the grass with a soft thud all the way out in the outfield, nearing the fence that surrounded the softball field. The coach at first base watches and quickly sends me to 2nd, the girl already there running to 3rd and being sent to home base. I watch the coach at third as he watches the girls in the outfield scramble for the ball and he calls for me to run to 3rd. Taking off like a cheetah I run to 3rd and safely make it there just as the ball is thrown back in and the pitcher catches is. My teammate cheer on from the dugout and the coaches give words of encouragement to me like “great job!” and “that was absolutely amazing!”.

Softball is not a tricky sport to play, but does take a lot of practice and time to know when to run, when not to run, when to hit the ball and when to not hit the ball. Trial and error if you will. I spend months at a time practicing for the upcoming season to work on my batting, aim and ability to catch the ball and throw it to the right player to make a good play. A lot of the times I don’t want to go out and practice because I am so sore from the previous practice, but I always tell myself “The pain will subside, it’s only temporary.” And “imagine all of the great plays and moments you could make with just a bit of practice”. Motivating myself was and is always important because it helps me get going and getting to practice to better myself as a player and as a person. The league I play in only allows you to play till your 18, and as I near that age I take every chance I get to work with my coaches, some of my favorite people who have helped me over the years and have too, gave me words of encouragement, and to also play with my teammate who are also my friends. Softball has always been my favorite sport and will always hold so many precious memories that I can hold onto forever.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write this piece becuase softball is something I enjoy so I decided to write about it.

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