Doctors Office

March 21, 2018
By Anam786 BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Anam786 BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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There I was at the doctor’s office. The most boring place on earth. It’s so boring that even the doctors and nurses themselves look tired all of the time. On January 19, 2018. 3:30 pm to be exact. I had my doctor’s appointment. I got there on time. As I was entering the doctor’s office, I could see the dreadful looks of the other patients in the waiting area through the clear glass entrance of the building. Looks like they were not in a pleasant mood. I opened the door and it swung at me in a full force but in a slow motion way. I walked inside, and all eyes were on me. I was like a child in elementary school entering class late. Where everybody gives the death look for no reason. I walked up to the desk, the room dead silent only my footsteps and my flamboyant breathing I could hear. I guess the long walk up to here made me out of breath without realization. The lady at the front desk as always looked super annoyed and spoke in a loud tone. “Do you have an appointment today?” I replied “Yes, at 3:30”. She then handed me a paper to fill out. Which I did, then she told me to take a seat and wait.  Choosing a seat was hard. The right side of the office was over pack and crowded. And the left side, which I chose because there were not many options. The left side had only a few people. I sat and wait. Waiting was the worst part. I kept looking at the clock, which was slowly ticking, felt like the clock was going 0.1 miles per second. I am not even sure if that makes sense. Then a nurse came suddenly bursting the door open calling out a name that I thought was mines but it was not.  One hour goes by and another nurse comes and calls out another person’s name. The nurse slammed the door open, which made a loud boom sound. To which I was startled. I jumped back in my seat and dropped my phone on the floor, which made another loud thud noise. All of a sudden, the door opened again and another nurse came and called out my name “Anam” in a brash expression. I got yet again startled, all eyes were already on me, I got up grabbed my phone and as I bent down to grab my phone, random things started falling.  Cracker crumbled into tiny pieces because of my double-sided pocket mirror slammed on it.  I looked down to my side and saw my purse on my shoulder with the zip open and while I was bending down to pick up my phone, things from my purse fell out all over the floor. My heart was beating fast, I was feeling so startled, embarrassed, and pressured at the same time. It was the most awkward embarrassing moment of time. With all of the people looking at me as if I’m a lost crazy person who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I quickly gathered all my stuff and rushed towards the nurse who was looking very impatient.

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