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Is the Rate of Education Worth It?

March 19, 2018
By Anonymous

EMPLOYMENT: do you think the globe's % of employment is reliable enough???

Every hands in the world today live by livelihood. And a good source of a standard livelihood comes from a high income/revenue I.e. your level of income determines your level of employment. Individuals, companies and the government get their revenue from employment also bidded as job opportunity. As everyone knows, employment is strictly defined as the occupation a person does to earn a living. Every humans as far a living being is entitled to a specific occupation because he or she has needs and to utilise those needs you need income which comes via employment. Because of how employment has gradually become a basic need to everyone, every persons endeavors to acquire a job by getting good certificates or acquiring skills and techniques.

Despite the measures taken by different individuals, it's recorded that the amount of employment available is too deficit to satisfy all. All I ask myself is," what precautions are taken to resolve the issue?" Because it's one thing figuring out the problem and it's another settling a dispute. Now the whole world, knows the issue on board what is done about it?

Suggested precautions to be taken
Employment is a necessity that should be made available in larger amount so aspiring job-seekers can have no worries for the future. But in our case today, i am so shocked to say that 30% or more of university graduates as still job seekers. And do you know the most agitating part, most of them are first class holders. It baffles me to see a brainy talented and skilled personnel looking for a job when jobs should be chasing after them. Hmmmmmm.

Suggested precautions;
* everyone looks up to the government because they are our leaders, so as leaders I believe that the government should quit wasting our revenue for non imperative expenditures but rather use them to invest for the future benefits. The more wastage is cost on our revenue d more budget deficit we gain which is of no advantageous term and will later lead the country to national debt. I enthusiatically believe that the government should really established on infant industries and refurbish them, make them developed so the rate of employment reduces and as the other hand more revenue is generated. This measure will also reduce the rate of importation of goods and services from other neighbouring country.
* the government should create new industries, factories, companies, and the likes to employ people. By so doing, assuming a firm is looking for 40 workers each, and we have hundred newly founded enterprises, automatically 4000 employment opportunities will be given to prospective job seekers. This will deduce employments' rate largely.

* skill acquisition: individuals should not wait until job comes knocking on their door step. The should single handedly, invest on themselves and make quick cash for themselves. Are you an aspiring passionate writers like me, a singer, artist who really loves what you are doing. Why don't you explore on yourself and develop additional source of income for your livelihood. Again, the government ought to help find some agencies and organisations that are dued to give out skills and techniques to the mass. So they can self- employ themselves and make trading a better service.

Generally, i declare employment issues as one of the greatest problems faced by all in our world today. And I believe in the next 10 years, things will be better for us. Once again, thanks to this platform for making me express my thoughts wholly.

The author's comments:

I am so tired of being quiet, it's time to fight!!!

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