An Ideal Best Friend or a Real One

March 17, 2018

I have always been jealous of people, who had best friends. I had friends, but none of them really understood me. I just did not feel that special thrill, when they talked to me. I may sound stupid, but I have always seen friendship as the connection between two hearts, which are beating in the same rhyhtm. When I was younger no one impressed me enough for me to let them into my heart. Maybe it was not only their problem. Maybe I had too high standards for them to fill in. When I look at the past, I see the girl with a lot of complexes, who was afraid to be natural. Everyone had done something silly, when he or she was younger. I mean, at every age I considered myself as a mature and reliable person, but now I understand how immature I was. When I changed school I was really keen on the idea of changing my behaviour and attitude to people. I did not understand that overstepping myself will be too difficult, or I was too used to living without people in reality of books. In my dreams my best friend was the opposite of me. She had blond hair, was active, talented, loved parties and conversations more than studying. She was the best in one kind of activities and I was great in the another one. I just wanted someone, who would make all the desisions and who I would be honest with, even if it hurt. Now I have got the best friend and she is wonderful. I made the first step and I do not regret it. She is smart, as fond of studying as I am, does not like to talk to people and it is easier for her to write a dictation than to dissolve her hair. We can seem quiet similar and sometimes I think we are rivals. However I feel like I have found the right person to be with me during my lifetime. She always supports and helps me, we never argue. I know that it can sound unbelievable, but we have been best friends for almost two and a half years and still had never had a quarrel. I am the one, who makes dessisions and takes responsibility. However I am not against it. She is the person, who knows me the best and if one day I will be broken into pieces, she will cure me. That is why, maybe, we do not have to dream of the ideal person, we just need to stop wasting time and find the one who will make you us complete. We do not need to be shy and look down on the others. We are the authors of our lives, so why not to make them as colourful, as our imagination lets us. We all deserve to be happy and to have the right person nearby.

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