How Deploying Patience Changed My Entire Mindset

March 16, 2018
By Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
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The Beginning


In the beginning, when I first started putting out content, of course, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if my content would be good enough or if it would catch someones attention. But I did know that it was what I wanted to do. And that was to motivate and inspire.

Like a Childs first time in the candy store, I didn’t know which platform would be the best for me.

I knew I wanted most of my content to be in written form. So I got some advice from a few people and they told me that Medium was where I should start. After a few months of using Medium, I started getting more familiar with it.

Especially with a lot of other writers with the same mindset as me. I started writing more and more, I learned a lot of valuable things in the first couple of months, like catching a readers attention and correct grammar.

I’ve learned a lot from various content creators through videos and reading. And my passion for inspiring grew even more. I soon began short motivational quotes and videos to add to my arsenal.


A Realization Period


I soon grew an even deeper love for inspiring and motivating people that I wanted to get my work seen by more people. So I started searching article publishers that targeted my genre of work, and also medium publications that supported my topic.

And that’s when I really started working. 2?—?3 blog posts a week, emailing 10–15 publishers a day and even posting short videos and quotes by the hour.

I was lacking patience, which was killing me.
But as much as I loved the work, I was paying an even deeper price by doing it. I am still in high school, so those nights I stayed up emailing publishers and creating content for the upcoming days, I got 4 hours of sleep a night. And it affected my thinking process because I had to be up at about 6 am every day.

The determination is a great thing, but not when it takes away vital needs like rest. The whole time I was lacking sleep I noticed that a drained mind doesn’t work well. So I had to only work in my free time.


Deploying Patience Is A Big Key


While working constantly every day, I learned that you won’t put out your best work when you are rushing it. You have to take a step back every now and then and take a deep breath.

I had to give social media and content a break since it was what I did 24/7 without giving my self-time to really think.

I did things out of the blue, not really paying attention to small details like grammar. But becoming patient and trusting the process made me put out better content.

I was so hungry to put out tons of content every day, changing this enabled me to think before I hit submit, to go back and look at small details that I may have looked over.

Slowing down gives you more leverage to add quality to your work, over how long an article is, or how many likes the post gets. The inside matters more than the outside.

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