The Civil War in Libya

March 2, 2018
By Tibben SILVER, Tirana, Other
Tibben SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Why is there Civil War happening in Libya? Why did the Civil War even start? Why did other countries get involved in the Civil War even though it wasn't in there country I survived that war in such difficult conditions, and to me that is still very hard to believe. So with that, let me tell you all about what happened.

When it all began I was just a little child doing whatever children do. Then, all of a sudden there was just chaos. The first thing that went through my little head was, “Yup, there is definitely something going on but I don’t know, or want to know, what is happening.” Later on our neighbors told us that it was too dangerous to stay where we were. Then, my family packed up and went to were my uncle was living at. When we got there they were talking about what was happening and I was listening at what they were saying. From that I started to understand that some people wanted to change the government and to start a new revolution against the political system. From what I heard it changed my understanding of what my country is going to become, to the worse side of things

My uncle told my mum it would be safer to go back to our home town in the south. When we got there, life for me was a disaster I couldn't go to school. I wasn’t allowed to go far away from our area. I stopped acting like a kid and had to learn how to be very independent, I lost my desire of being a kid anymore, all I could think about is how are we going to get out of this misery. A few months have passed the war was still going on and there was no hope for us to return to back to Tripoli, in fact it actually got worse, in our town the conditions have gotten really bad and you can’t even live there anymore, at this point people were dying from NATO bombs. My father was worried about us, so he came to pick us up and take us outside the country. I was very scared because the road that we had to take was very dangerous and it was filled with bandits. We were very lucky that our friends helped us get out of the country. I was sad that we had to leave our family, house, and friends. Later we went to Malta to stay there for five years. The first year there for me was very difficult to get used to a new lifestyle, new people, and a new school with new friends.Weeks have past by and I started to feel like I was safe and was at home. Then we found other Libyan families like us.

Years passed, I grew up and now have my own opinions about my country. I now know what exactly happened in my country and I know who is right and who is wrong. This experience has changed that I kind of don’t feel sad anymore. I changed kind of having two personalities. Probably if I haven’t went through this I wouldn’t be where I am right now or be thinking of what I daily think.

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