The Day I Discovered the World is Crap

March 2, 2018
By evaristbego SILVER, Tirana, Other
evaristbego SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Ok, I’m going to be straightforward with this one. The world is crap. Filled with crappy people, and a crappy life. But you probably knew this already. Everyone will, eventually. Some people won’t care, some will revolve their entire life around this discovery, and some will end up with their entire life thrown in the trash can. And guess what…  No one cares. No one cares what path you choose. No one cares if you live to be Kim Kardashian, or an accountant who gets yelled at by his boss everyday. The only reason you are reading this is because you have to, you either have to leave comments for me to check on, or you are grading me for this. Let’s face it, if you could choose what to do, it probably wouldn’t be to read an essay; I, myself wouldn’t be writing this essay if I could choose not to do so.

There’s no specific time to as where and when will this hit you up. And that totally sucks. The thing is, you have to experience it to fully understand it. And once it does, it totally puts you down. You never know when you will be able to get back up. Everyone around you is doing better than you. They have the perfect life. Only when you are able to get back up, you understand that no one has that perfect life.

And the thing is, it totally destroyed me. It was so instant. One day I was living the perfect life, I had tons of friends, people liked me, etc. (Keep in mind, I am a kid, so my perception of a perfect life doesn’t go too far), and the next day it suddenly disappeared. I was devastated, I thought my life was completely ruined. But in the grand scheme of things, I think what happened, was actually, the best thing that could have happened.

To keep it short (ironically it is the longest paragraph) , my friends were meatheads. They’d do the dumbest things anyone can imagine. They’d get into fights for no reason. I had a great friend, he was a new kid. I’m not even going to deny it, even though he turned out to be an idiot, had great potential, and he was extremely polite and smart. But, if he wanted to survive, he had to do it by scaring people to get total control. I did not approve of that. So we became distant, until we had a dumb argument that set us into two different paths. That completely destroyed me. You see, to actually understand what I mean, you need to experience it first. Probably no one’s volunteering to do that. It gives you the addiction of a drug, or better yet of a person trying to give up that drug, not that I have tried any, but I can make a general assumption. You start thinking how your lives were when you were friends, how could they be now. And that drives you nuts. That person soon became the leader of our class, and people had to follow his rules. I didn’t. So what stopped me from being in his position. Nothing. I was just ignorant. That’s it. I clung on to the hope that we would become friends in the future, but had yet to realize that such a thing didn't exist.

But for me the outcome was better than I expected. I got to change schools, meet new people, great people, and understand that not everyone's the same.

Even though the world is crap, it’s how you use that crap what truly matters. You can choose to get a place among the Donald Trumps and sacrifice your morals, or keep those morals and work an entire lifetime with no benefits and no validation.

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