Valentine's Day and a Blooming Crush

March 2, 2018
By OliverMurphy BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
OliverMurphy BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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February 14, 2018. Valentines day. The day of stress and nervousness. Today was the day I was gonna do it, I was finally talk to my crush. It felt like it was getting harder to breathe as the day descended and the hours disappeared. Soon enough the clock struck 1:24 and 6th hour was over.

I walked nervously to the theater. We all walked in after Keskes opened the stage door and class started. The whole hour I was hounded by my friend who was pondering me with question after question causing my nerves to rise with every question as though they were injecting my heart with more adrenaline. My heart was pounding, my ribs felt as though they tightened around my lungs limiting my oxygen intake, my cheeks turned a fiery shade of pink as my flooded with thoughts. I tried to stay calm, but nothing worked this was gonna be rough like running through the thorns of a millions of roses or so I thought. My heart just about leaped out of its place in my chest the moment class ended at 2:20. Time flies when you’re terrified I guess.

I got up grabbing my backpack throwing it over my shoulder adding more weight to the weight that was already on them. I walked with my friend up the ramp on the side of the stage the hardwood floor creaking beneath my feet. We walked up onto the stage to exit the auditorium through the backstage door as usual. As I was walking past the set for The Hunchback of Notre Dame I saw her, the tall black haired beauty with stunning eyes and a pretty smile. She was walking with one of my friends named Josh and they were both looking at the extravagant set as they both are in drama as well as myself. They are both extraordinary gypsies in the show while I am just a townsperson (don’t get me wrong I love my part we just don’t dance much). I walked up to her stopping her and my friend in their tracks. I was shaking and extremely nervous around her beautiful person and I said “Hey Scottie I drew these two pictures for you.” I smiled, even though I felt like I was gonna puke, handing her the drawings. They were of her as her character, Clopin Trouillefou, who she is playing in The Hunchback (some characters were gender swapped due to having more girls than boys). She took them in her hands and her face immediately lit up. I did always love her gorgeous smile. Josh and her both expressed how much they liked them and the she hugged me. I nearly died. My legs were shaking and I was nervous, but she hugged me. I felt so happy, safe, and comfortable in her arms. I was so happy to have her arms around me even if just for a short yet wonderful time. With that I said goodbye and left and I was happy for the rest of the day. I guess Valentine’s day isn’t so bad after all.

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