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March 2, 2018
By Tibben SILVER, Tirana, Other
Tibben SILVER, Tirana, Other
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It all began on a Saturday night when one of my brother’s friend came in with fear in his eyes and said “Don't leave your house no matter what and get out of your area in the early morning.” The next morning was a chaotic start for us, everyone is tired and just tears of despair running down everyone's eyes, we packed up almost everything and went to my uncle’s house to stay there for the night. That night was very frightening, we didn’t sleep because at all, you could think one was trying to survive and not die by bombs being dropped a mile away from you, people were scattered everywhere in houses and streets that didn’t look like houses or streets. Blood was on people’s bodies and some were fully covered in the red sap and holding their dead people’s bodies. 

After that night, my family and I left Tripoli to stay in a little town in the dry desert which was much safer and peaceful. We stayed there for about 8 months and in those 8 months we didn't even feel what was going on in the war. It was quiet, until Ramadan came and the electricity would cut out for 14-24 hours per day. People were fasting in high temperatures and there wasn’t any cold water where they could freshen up. Some people died from heat stroke and some died from hunger because the freezers and the refrigerators didn't work. But even after Ramadan was over, it was still a disaster, because there was barely any food left and there was no electricity anymore. The attackers in Libya started moving in the area where my hometown was and it became just like Tripoli. All you could hear was gunshots everywhere and at that point you couldn’t even go out, because everyone was scared that they would die if they went outside. Then my hometown became too dangerous to live in, so my family said that we had to go to Algeria, but my uncle disagreed and said that we need to go straight to Tunisia.

However, we went to Algeria because it is the nearest place next to Libya and during this time we stayed for about 20 days living in an out-of-business motel. Luckily, there was a restaurant near us where, it was very distasteful and full of bacteria, but we had no other choice. Some days passed and we took a flight from Algeria to Tunisia where we bought 3 flats. Finally we had some rest for 3 months, thanks to our friends that were there to help is in our hard times. Later, my father decided to go to Malta for better education and safer environment, but my uncle and his family stayed in Tunisia. In Malta we found a better life. I went to a great school with helpful teachers and i made lots of friends there from different cultures and countries.

After 5 years in Malta my father wanted to make a new business in Albania, but i was nervous and sad because i didn’t want to relive that horror of moving countries and starting from the beginning again. Also I didn’t want to leave my friends behind, i was really close to them and they were like family to me. But even so we moved to Albania and hopefully we will enjoy life here and stay for a long period of time.

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