March 1, 2018
By Anonymous

While on the beach, my family and I layed out in the sun, feeling happy, relaxed, and relieved. We were silent. We wanted to rest peacefully with no distractions. My family would move back and forth from under the bright, yellow sun to under the shady canopy in order to keep the sun from burning their skin. I didn’t care though. I stayed under the rays, feeling the every bit of the sun on my body. I felt my skin becoming darker and the feeling was so comforting. After the long, stressful car ride to the ocean, I needed this kind of relaxation.
I was sitting in a beach chair on the shore. The cold, refreshing water moved closer and closer. Eventually, the ocean would crash into my legs and wash away the sand from my skin. The gentle waves pushed shells and pebbles onto the shore. I dug my feet into the soft, wet sand and I could feel the small sand crabs burrowing away from the sun with my toes. The breeze was subtle and kept me cool.

I sat there, with my darkening skin, feeling the waves from the ocean push against the shore and slam into my legs.  Back home, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed from school and work, but now, lying on this beach, I felt content.  I loved this feeling.

Whenever I experience stress or anything negative, I dream of coming back to this moment. Everything was so simple and there was not a single worry in the world.

The author's comments:

This moment is very important to me. I look back to it a lot and feel comforted when I do.

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