How Modern Media Is a Bad Influence

March 1, 2018
By aquablue2001 BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
aquablue2001 BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
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In the song rotten to the core there is the chorus “ i am rotten to the core , core rotten to the core who could ask for more i’m nothing like kid next , like kid next door i'm rotten to the i’m rotten to the core ”. This song explains the evil side of modern media. Modern media is a bad influence because pornagraphy , bullying , and kidnappers use media to prey on their victims which is usaully teens and younger kids.

Pedafiles use pornograhy to lure teens and younger kids in like a poisoned apple.

Do these teens and young children know what a pedafilist is; if not i will define it to them. A pedafiles is a criminal who preys on childrena and teens. If a teen or a young child gets on a social media sites like twitter or facebook and they are sent a friends request of a hot guy flaunting his full body ( in other words fully nude)  and they accept then they are just laying with fire. Later on he asks to meet them and the teen or young child says “ yes where do you want to meet then he replies “ film alley or the park , but they reply park see them soon “. then the teen or child go and they are never seen again. Its like luring a turkey into its last breath. The statistics on how many victims chosen through porn is the national center for missing and exploited children and teens are at least 100 , 000 american children a year are victimized by through pornography by pedofiles. We as adults have to stand up and make precocious steps to protect these children from the worst.

As much as i hate to move on we have bullying as another modern media victimization to talk about.

Cyberbullying is the worst way to be bullied. Things cyber bullies do are send mean messages , spreading rumors through texting , posting threatening and hurtful messages on social networks  , taking unflattering pictures of a person and spreading them through cell phones and internet , and sexting or circulating sexually comments through texting and posting on internet sites. The statistics of suicide because of cyberbullying alone is 4,500 deaths a year. 81% of teens and young children are being cyberbullied each year. The main reasons why people cyberbully others is motivated by anger , revenge , or frustration. Sometimes bullies do it for entertainment and others do it out of jealousy. As a result we can't stop all cyberbullies but we can try can't we. we as parents must watch our children's online connections and watch for signs that show bullying is affecting them before it is too late.

Online abduction is a thrilling lifetime movie about a young woman whos young  brother is kidnapped by her stepfathers ex-wife because she is jealousy and found them by looking on their social media which had a picture of there house and address. So see if the mother who posted the picture of her house and address hadn't posted that picture the ex-wife would have never know where to find them. We as parents must be careful on how we handle social media around our family and there protection.

The darkness can be improved but it can't be improved by itself. We the people must come together to teach our teens and children to be careful what you do on social media sites , to try and help families that have already lost a child or teen , and to stop these criminals before or after the crime has been committed. Pornongraphy , bullying , and kidnappers use media to choose victims in the stages of kids and teens in modern media. Then and only then can we improve the darkness into light.

The author's comments:

i hope people gain for vilgiance and alertiness from this because this is real eeverything is real in this artcile. any thing in this article is something that could happen in real life.

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