Her Story

March 1, 2018

I know a girl. She has a story. Have you heard about the story. Certainly not; but I know. And I know for a fact that its worth sharing. So her story goes,

She not a someone rather a no one who has so much to say but nobody to listen. She has nothing more to claim that haven't been claimed before, no more grief to show; because she is an entity floating around your surroundings but no one actually notices. But its okay with her. She claims it makes her uncomfortable. But deep down she also wants that affection not the attention any other guy is getting. Her story seems boring and perhaps it actually is. Her story doesn't contain any fancy words but that's maybe everyone's story is like; simple, boring but have so much to say. The major difference you would see between your story and hers is your story gets listened. Her story always get a place in scrambled papers in the dustbin somewhere maybe. But I know you should listen. Yes, my friend you should; because its a story of many beautiful nobody's, wonderful entities which you feel haunts you everyday. You know you are taking their deserved love away, leaving them unheard; you know that, you have known that from the time you overlooked them or ignored their opinions.

I have known her long 18 years and I met her often. I get to see her, hear her story; in the mirror. I lives within.

The author's comments:

My present situation and the person who I am inspired me to create this piece.

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