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My Reading and Writing Carrer

March 2, 2018
By LukeKosel BRONZE, Osage, Minnesota
LukeKosel BRONZE, Osage, Minnesota
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My writing/reading career started way back when i was just a little guy. I’m not exactly sure how old I was when I first started to write but the first thing I wrote was my name. It was scribbly and barely readable but it was still a big accomplishment. I’ve never enjoyed writing as much as I have enjoyed reading. When I write it is pretty much always for an assignment in school and I just suffer through it. Reading on the other hand I do in my free time and enjoy to do. I used to read a lot when i was younger but I still continue to read a book every once in awhile.

The earliest book I remember reading was called Dick and Jane and had around 5 words to a page. The average sentence would be, Dick ran, Jane ran, Dick and Jane ran. The rest of the page would consist of big pictures illustrating what the sentences were saying. Next I moved onto picture books with writing but still very easy. As I  grew older I switch to the Magic Treehouse books with were some of my favorite. I still have a bunch of them in a box somewhere in my room. Once I hit the third grade I was about at the Harry Potter level. I remember competing with my older brother for AR points in fourth grade. He is two years older than me and had the most points for his grade, I can’t remember the exact number. Once I hit the fourth grade I was determined to beat his number of points. I read most of the big books that would give you lots of points like the fifth Harry Potter book that was around 40 points. We ended up tieing for points and after that we didn’t use the AR points scale to see who read more. As I got older I started to read less since English class switched from reading more to writing papers more.

I liked English class when we are reading books and analysing them but when we're writing papers and going over grammar it is one of my least favorite classes. I have never considered myself a good writer since my writing doesn’t really flow I have to work to make it sound good. Because of this I don’t enjoy it as much as reading. One of the worst things about writing is when we have to do big papers like our research paper last year.
The research paper we wrote last year was probably one of the biggest papers I've written. I don’t do good with writing big essays since it takes awhile for me to start writing. It's tough sometimes to find a topic I would like to write about and find interesting. Once I find a topic I struggle to start to actually write since the beginning is usually the hardest part for me. Once i find and topic and get an idea to write about I can start to write at a decent pace. Every once in awhile I’ll get caught and have no clue where to go from where I’m at but I usually can push through. The hardest form of writing for me I would have to say would be creative writing.

Last year I know we had a couple times where we would have to create a story from scratch and that’s what I have a tough time with. For a research paper or something like that I have a goal and stuff to write about given to me and that helps to create a story. With a creative story anything is possible there isn’t a guideline to help me write. Some people love to make up stories but for me that's just not my thing. And that’s the story of my writing/reading career.

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