Small Acts of Kindess

March 2, 2018
By Anonymous

It had been a while since I had unwantedly attended one of my families business meetings. As my father and uncles had been starting a foundation with our family name into consideration, they decided to ask me about my thoughts, opinions, and recommendations.

“What would you think of commencing a foundation where we fund and support different innovations and projects made by anyone in Albania?” my uncle Artan advised.

At first, I didn’t quite think about how a family foundation would have been a good cause, I merely thought of it as a project. Throughout the day, I got back to reflecting about how the majority of people are in need all over Albania and that this would be a great opportunity and a great act of kindness. When I arrived home, I decided to take some of my belongings I would never use, such as, old clothes that would never be worn, and anything which wouldn’t be put to use in a pile. At times, I thought that my minor actions wouldn’t make a change, yet knowing what conditions all of those different people are in, this would make a difference nevertheless. Apart from giving away some things which I wouldn’t put to use, I decided to head to a supermarket in order to buy a quantity of food to give to the less fortunate. While going through the different aisles filled with food, I decided to pick up the most efficient amounts in order to be used for a greater share of people. Each moment spent at the supermarket made me think how some people are struggling to get food to properly feed their family, especially due to the fact that most of the people in need most likely have children.

After gathering a variety of different supplies such as food, clothing, toys and more, I thought that I had gotten enough to help support a couple families of the Roma community. The Roma community consists of many people who battle through a daily struggle in order to support themselves and their families. As I thought back to what I did that one occasion, I realized how to most people it wouldn’t be as valued as it is to people in need. As I was able to give support to the less fortunate, I conducted an act of kindness. No matter how big or how small your contribution is, it still is able to help someone by either supporting them, or making their life a bit easier.
In conclusion, I believe that everyone should do something no matter how big their contribution is, they should make an effort to help people in need. An act of kindness can be as small as simply greeting people with a motivational remark or it can be up to a degree where you are able to make someone's life improve.


Furthermore, an act of kindness makes you a better person due to how you are taking some time from your life to plan something that will make another individual advance. After analyzing my act of kindness, I want to take more time out of my life in order to help to contribute to people in need. By planning out how I would help the less fortunate, I learned that by simply giving away something without profiting anything in return you make a change in someone's life and you become a better person.

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