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February 27, 2018
By yvng.maria BRONZE, Sacramento, California
yvng.maria BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My first day of school in the United States. I came from mexico when I was 4 years old. I started kindergarten. It was a story in which I felt lost in every way possible. We all know the feeling when we gonna go to a new school the first day but imagine not knowing the language or understanding the teachers. Well, that's how everything started. It was hard for me not knowing the dominant language and at the same time it was hard to do my homework since I didn't understand it and my family didn't either we were all in the same level. Not just that, I was just in kindergarten and I wasn't used to leaving my moms side and of course I had to. Everytime I would go to school i felt like there was a huge black thunder storm was coming. All my life I had a hard time with comprehension and reading and i kinda still do but coming without speaking the language isn't as easy. What im tryna tell you here is if you know someone that doesn't know the language and you know the language the speak help them and don't judge them because you never know how they feel in my experience I felt I didn't fit in, i didn't belong, I felt lost, and stressful, so please try to help those people.

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