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February 27, 2018
By givenchyev BRONZE, Sacramento , California
givenchyev BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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There has been many times where i've been stereotyped, especially because I look white so people assume what I do and where i'm from. For example one time I went to my mexican cousins house and his mexican friends were there and they thought I was a rich white boy from the hills which i'm definitely not. There was one time I was at school in the 5th grade and a substitute teacher stereotyped me and decided that I was from a rich family and she said,” I bet the white kid can probably tell us all about guns and how to shoot them and he could probably buy anything you want huh you rich slob”. I was lucky to have my friends in that class and they defended me and everyone else did and it made me feel good because i was the one out of two white kids at that school.

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