My Kindergarten Experience

February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

 When I first went to kindergarten I was new to the school I was scared I didn’t know anybody  so I started to cry because I couldn't speak english I couldn’t spell it i couldn’t do anything with english I was useless. I didn't want my mom to leave me there so i started holding her leg for 10 minutes until. a boy came up to me and said quieres jugar which means do you want to play in spanish at first I didn't want to because I didn't know him at first but after awhile I stopped crying and the boy came back when I stopped crying and had asked me quieres jugar ahora which meant do you want to play know my mom tapped me and the back while she said be a jugar con el which means go play with him I said ok nervously  but after a while we were laughing at stuff we had done I hadn't noticed that my mom had left after I made my first friend I was comfortable going back to school.

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