Teacher Being Racist to Student

February 27, 2018
By Raymond14 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Raymond14 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Once I was in school and it was during 6th grade well it started out like this my mother took me out of my school because we moved to a new place because I was being bad and getting to many referrals. And when i went to my new school a couple of months have passed and one of our teacher left the school because she was tired of students and we had subs every day until we found a official teacher. But one day we had this sub and he was a russian guy and he was taking roll call. Students were using fake names he called the front office and ask someone to come down and see if student were using the right name so after that I told him my name and he told to go sit down you n-word. So i got angry and called him a homophobic word. Then I went to the office and my mom took me out of the school and brought me to my old school and i’m back with all my friends.

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