See You When I See You

February 27, 2018
By CaprisunBrisk BRONZE, Sacramento , California
CaprisunBrisk BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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Sitting on the pew, I felt like my uncle was still alive. Taking deep breaths, I felt like I couldn’t handle it that much. It was too much pain, every time a person came up to my aunt, grandma, and I, I would tear up even more. I would hug my aunt everytime, and I tried to stop crying. After wiping my face, I went with my aunt to look at my uncle’s body.

I wasn’t crying no more, even though I got more sad, I just stayed sad and didn’t cry. I stayed strong and knew he was watching over me. I would remember back to last christmas, when I made cupcakes. The bottom of some of the cupcakes were burnt, and so he made fun of me. We both laughed, and I knew he was playing around. But what made me happy is he saying, “What matters is that you made it, out of love for the family.” Till this day I still remember and I smile about it.

The author's comments:

For the remembering of my uncle. Will forever be missed.

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