3rd Grade Fight

February 27, 2018
By dlddavion BRONZE, Sacramento, California
dlddavion BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My mom always told me, "it dont matter what i do it's how i do it".

In 4th grade I was standing in the line waiting to go to recess with my friend Demetrius. I was in the back maybe the middle but my friend says, “lets cut” but I didn’t want to get in trouble because it was only the third day of school. He kept begging to cut so I finally caved in and cutted. Little did I know the kid we cut had really bad anger issues. So when we cut he got mad and shoved Demetrius as hard as he could and Demetrius flew back i to a group of girls. I said, “don’t push my boy” then he pushed me too and I have a very bad temper I always have since I was a little boy but I got mad and pushed the boy back. He got in my face and I snuffed him. I hit him like Mayweather in round 8. I got in so much trouble when I got home. My mom was as red as fire when she yelled. But during that whole experience I ended up realizing that I need to Control my anger because I didn’t have to fight that kid. I was actually in the wrong for trying to cut.

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