Staples Center Conflict

February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a cold afternoon when Alison heard the news that she got a call back from the Talent Show saying she could perform. Alison couldn’t believe it. She was nervous but excited to be performing in front of a large crowd. She loved to sing and she knew she could be the winner. Mona, Alison’s enemy in high school, made it in as well and did what she could to beat Alison. But she wasn’t worried about Mona, Alison was very confident with her voice and knew she could make it. At the show she avoided Mona. When it was time to perform she seen her parents in the first row and sang her heart out. Mona was right after and sang the same song Alison did. The crowd then noticed the conflict going on between them. After everyone was done performing they announced the winners and Alison won first place! She was thankful and proud of herself

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my little sister, she performed at a talent show and went against her ‘enemy’ and they sand the same song. My sister won 1st place.

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