Missing Out

February 27, 2018
By Mari_mar4 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Mari_mar4 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I always felt out of place whenever I would move to a new school. Having no friends is like you’re alone in the world. My parents wanted me to move schools the reason for that is my sister was going to a middle school that was pretty far from where we lived and she would have to go walking. Leaving something behind is really hard. For example, you always would have something attached that means the world to you. So when entering at a new school I would just be by myself at recess and lunch in elementary. I felt embarrassed and didn’t have friends at the moment, like a boat lost at sea. Students from my class started to talk to me and soon after that, I felt like I was at home.

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I was always the new kid at school. I felt like the odd one out, no one would talk to me not even to day hi at least. I wouldn't speak to anyone, since I was very quiet and shy when I was in elementary. I was quiet as a mouse.

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