This Is Me

February 21, 2018
By Anonymous

This is me… I am the girl that has the ugly face. I am the girl that has little friends. The girl that no one really likes because she is truthful. I know who I am and I have accepted who you think I am. I am sorry I am not your average petty fake girl. I am the rare girl that is not afraid to be me and no one likes that because they don't want rare or good personality they want normal and pretty. I accept the fact I was born into a torn up family. I accept the fact that I was born with a red mark on my face that I can not get rid of. And I am sorry that I accept that. I want to be a normal girl but I already have enough issues and not being me is not going to be one. I have grown a callus over the words that fly out of yalls mouth. People say it is not good to not talk to anybody because you will explode eventually. Let me explode because then yall will finally understand what yall do to people, and put in mind exploding does not always mean killing. Yall need to know what sick world we grow up in and what yall do to people like me.

This day and age and the people in it have given me many problems. I have trust issues, depression, anxiety, and trust issues. That is just a couple of many things yall have done to me. I can not change you but I can change me and I refuse to do what yall do. So let me be and leave me alone. I read this quote that said “those who are heartless once cared too much.” I REFUSE TO BE FAKE! I rather be broken then fake.


But Congrats you have broken me!!!!!

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Favorite Quote:
Hangman is a great way of saying that the words you use can end someones life!

@anyone that feels the pain too!!

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